Stringhetti Laura

After graduation from Art School, Laura Stringhetti attended the International School of graphic design. Student of Licata, Kramer, Teardo, Gadioli with whom she still works today.

In her small atelier in Mestre, Venice, Laura experiments with different media and materials . Her works have

been exhibited at the Expo Art in Padua and Udine, the Javits Convention Center in New York, as well as in international exhibitions in Venice, Milan, Düsseldorf.

In 2004 she won the first prize at the Biennale Miniquadro in Ferrara , and in 2007 the prize at the “Reciclo ad arte” (“Recycling Art"), an exhibition organized by the Municipality of Venice.

Lately, she’s been working on painting with “Cin-eros”, a series of portraits that are a tribute to her beloved films. Totò, Charlie Caplin, Sofia Loren, Anna Magnani, Penélope Cruz become masks that emerge from a black backdrop: Laura gets hold of their faces and transforms them with a chromatic manipulation.

Some of the paintings with rather explicit erotic situations have been considered too hard to be displayed in an exhibition: Laura responded with a casting of black ink that has made the compositions somewhat more intriguing.

In this tribute to the myths of Cinema, Laura Stringhetti adds to her work a pinch of irony and fun. You can discover more on her video here:


"CINEROS" by Laura Stringhetti from Laura Stringhetti on Vimeo .


In recent years she has been working as interior designer and has collaborated with famous glassworks in Murano, including Cenedese.

With the Cenedese Glassworks, using the medium of glass, Laura has given birth to the project “Prove d’autore” (“Author’s attempts”) consisting of 5 sculptures made with different Murano glass techniques.

The first version of the sculptures have been made in clay. Later, the artist guided the masters throughout the execution.
Some videos about the “Prove d’autore” project:

PROVE D’ AUTORE: "La famiglia" opera realizzata con la tecnica della filigrana bianca from Laura Stringhetti on Vimeo .

PROVE D’ AUTORE: "Sguardi incrociati" opera realizzata con la tecnica degli sbruffi from Laura Stringhetti on Vimeo .

PROVE D’ AUTORE: "Sguardi incrociati" opera realizzata con la tecnica della foglia oro e argento from Laura Stringhetti on Vimeo .

Laura Stringhetti is indeed an intereting artist that, with the collaboration of the Cenedese glassworks, has created original sculptures - some of which are a MuranoVitrum exclusive - with an almost architectural articulation of the components. True and unique masterpieces of great artistic value.

You can find Laura's sculptures here

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