Nason & Moretti

Nason & Moretti was opened in 1925 in Fondamenta Vetrai by Vincenzo Nason and his cousins Ugo and Francesco Moretti..

Today it's a company that has managed to connect the ancient tradition of Murano glass full of exuberant decors to a more modern trend dictated by simpler and cleaner lines.
The mouth-blowing that gives life to the beautiful Nason & Moretti's creations is renowned all over the world and has been prized severl times with international awards.
Present on the most prestigious tables (such as the Quirinale, home of the President of the Italian Republic) the creations of this ancient Muranese furnace represent a typical ancient Italian art .

Nason & Moretti glassworks has been founded in 1925: those were the important years in which glass artists begun the abandonment of 19th Century traditionalism for the new tast of 20th Century. In 1949 it was united in the hands of one family: the Nasons, whose presence in Murano dates back to the 15th Century.
The first production was dedicated to lamps, designed with clean, simple, and elegant lines.
However, soon it expanded its production to tableware. Tableware is seemingly a simple object; in reality its beauty derives from a harmonious synthesis of proportions, the coherence of forms, thikness, and the choice of color.
Glasses and goblets by Nason & Moretti stand out from the serial production for this constant attention to details: it's the value of precious craftmwanship which can only be performed by capable galssmasters.
At the end of the 40s , the Nason bought out the Morettis, whose name remained part of the brand.
Combining the Muranese expertise and craftmanship with the aesthetic values of the old Muranese traditions coupled with the most advanced design has been a winning strategy for Nason & Moretti, resulting in a great number of international awards, starting from the first one: the prestigiuous "Golden Compass" by the Triennale, won in Milan in 1955.

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