The 55th Venice Biennale: novelties and great expectations

Venice Biennale, a must see.

It will begin on June 1st and it will end on November 24th: the 55th Venice Biennale will take place at the Giardini, Arsenale and various places in the town.

Venice Biennale, a must see

The Biennale carries the weight of 120 years of history - from that April 19th 1893, when the town council decided to hold an international art exhibition - but it has the strength and the charm of novelty which rallies the entire world, up to Tuvalu, whose future relies on the level of the Pacific and is almost a metaphore of the millennial struggle for survival of Venice from the sea. More than 150 artists from 37 countries will be there . 10 countries are represented for the first time ever . An absolute novelty: the participation of Vatican City.

A must see.

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