Vittorio Costantini

Vittorio Costantini was born in Burano, an island near Murano, in 1944.
The son of a fisherman and a lace maker he began working in the glass factory at the age of 11.

At the age of 19 he approaches the technique of lighting, a pastime that soon turns into a great passion that has accompanied him to this day.
In 1974 he opens his own laboratory.
Vittorio has always been fascinated by nature.
To create each single object, it takes hours and hours of work: multicolored insects, iridescent butterflies, birds, fish, colorful flowers are the result of his manual skills.
Vittorio considers himself a great observer of that small universe that surrounds us every day.
With the profound vision of an artist, he can see in the meadows, in the sky, in the sea ... And observe what many can easily escape.
The very high level of his artifacts contributed to making the glass lamp technique known throughout the world.
Today Vittorio's glass is in great demand for setting up exhibitions and is often sent for demonstrations in many countries and the world.
Those who visited his workshop in Venice were able to admire his "personal collection", which is strictly "not for sale": all these pieces are the testimony of many years of work, experimentation and sacrifices.

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