Wes Hunting

Born in 1958, Wes Hunting's journey into glass art was serendipitous rather than premeditated. Despite a general passion for creativity, including visual arts and music, Hunting had no initial specific interest in glass. His educational journey began at Kent State University in 1976, where he majored in painting while working weekends as a groundskeeper at Hale Farm. His unexpected entry into glassblowing occurred after an incident at Hale Farm led him to assist in the glass studio.
This accidental encounter was followed by formal education in glass arts at Kent State, under the guidance of Henry Halem, during a time when few universities offered glass as a medium. The program's limited budget did not hinder its intensity or the caliber of visiting artists, such as Dale Chihuly and Marvin Lipofsky, fostering a rich learning environment.
Hunting's pivotal years included workshops and personal development through experiences at Penland School of Crafts and in Italy, further deepening his glass art skills. By 1982, he had established Hunting Studio Glass in Chicago, overcoming significant bureaucratic hurdles. The later years saw him moving to a quieter life in Wisconsin, where he continues to innovate in glass with his son, Wesley.

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