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SKU: TOA03928xx

Aquarium fish shaped


  • Height: 22cm - 8.66"
  • Width: 49cm - 19.29"
  • Depth: 10cm - 3.94"
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This Fish-Shaped Aquarium is made from real, authentic Murano Glass and has been crafted by the highly skilled glassblowers of Murano. This handmade vase features a variety of fish, all of which are handcrafted separately. The glassblower remelts the pieces, this time sandwiched between a variety of crystal leaves. To get a high-level outcome like this, a great amount of practice is required.

This fish-shaped aquarium made of Murano glass is ideal for people looking for a decoration piece for their living room, kitchen, or dining room. This fish-shaped aquarium is extremely valuable since it's a handcrafted product and reflects centuries-old Venetian history and culture. It can be the perfect gift for your favourite colleague or a neighbour who just moved in.

This fish-shaped aquarium is twenty-two centimetres (8.66 inches), forty-nine centimetres (19.29 inches), and ten centimetres (3.94 inches) in depth. The product is MuranoVitrum-guaranteed and comes with a certificate that serves as proof of its authenticity.

Medium aquarium "sommerso"

In this aquarium the multicolored fishes are made apart.
In a second time the glass master melts them, under heat, between different leafs of crystal.
A long period of practice is necessary to learn the proper times and temperature to obtain a high level result like as this.

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