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This is a thick glass made by placing a number of coloured glass layers on the top of the pea . The technique consists in blowing a big ball of coloured glass and applying it over the pea. The master keeps the pea and the servente prepares the very thin blown...

Sguardi incrociati sculpture – Sbruffi

Price on request
Laura Stringhetti is indeed an interesting artist that, with the collaboration of Cenedese glassworks, has created original sculptures, with an almost architectural articulation of the components. In recent years she has been working as interior designer and has collaborated with famous glassworks in Murano, including Cenedese. With Cenedese Glassworks, using...

Multicolour Sbruffi Vase

Big blown Murano glass vase with sbruffi, designed by Luciano Mellara and handmade in Murano by Sergio Costantini using the ancient Muranese techniques.

Asymmetric vase with Sbruffi

$998.00 $1,537.00
Murano glass blue vase, made with the sbruffi technique. This is an exquisite example of how Muranese artisans can create unique and amazing artworks.Hand made in Murano by Silvano Signoretto using the ancient Muranese knowledge. Signed at the bottom.

Red Vase with Sbruffi - Murano Glass

$2,551.00 $3,216.00
Blown Murano glass exclusive vase, created using the Sbruffi technique.Designed and handmade in our atelier Muranese atelier, following the ancient Murano glass techniques.

Torso Sbruffi Red and Green - Murano Glass

Romano Donà directs the production at Stefano Toso for several years in the first decade of 2000. During this period many new forms were experimented, always with reference to contemporary art. This work belongs to this period. It ha been made following traditional Murano techniques such as Massello Glass and...

Blue Vase with Fern Leaves - Murano Glass

This vase was entirely handmade in Murano thanks to the Sbruffi and Blown glass techniques. Perfect for elegantly decorating your rooms, the fern is submerged in the glass and this gives the work a magical effect. The work is shipped with the relative certificate of authenticity issued directly by the artist.

Fish - amber fish cm 48

$3,494.00 $3,882.00
A wonderful example of Muranese art: each fish is handmade separately with inclusions of gold leaf and sbruffi. Its vibrant colors have been inspired by the colors of Venice and the shimmering summer light of the lagoon. Hand-made in Murano by Alberto Donà following the ancient techniques. Signed at the...

Marina collection

Romano Donà draws inspiration from the sea and its creatures, the same sea that gave birth to Venice. This creation, with its curly and smooth curve, reminds of an eel and billowing water. The sculpture is made ​​with the sommerso technique with sbruffi, enriched with 24k golden leaf, and it's...

Red Stripes fagiolo vase

Blown Murano glass vase with incalmo. The top is blwon with sunk cannas, whereas the bottom has been made with iridescent sbruffi. This product belongs to the Sharpeye collection. Handmade by Romano Donà in Murano when he worked in Gino Cenedese's furnace, famous for the use of brilliant colours and...
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