Fabiano Amadi

Fabiano Amadi is part of the new generation of master glassblowers. Born in Murano, in 1962, he has always had a passion for glass, a unique material that requires constant mastery.

Enchanted by the art of thin glass making, Master Amadi underwent a significant apprenticeship under the guidance of Master Francesco Barbini. However, it is in the creation of nearly impossibly sized and weighted blown glass that his talent and sensitivity truly showcase their originality. This continuous challenge fuels his creativity in reinterpreting tradition, earning him collaborations with major names in art, design, and fashion, including Trussardi, Blumarine, and Fendi.

Master Amadi's works are the culmination of years of trials and experimentation. To create a vase weighing several kilograms, requiring continuous applications and repeated heating, Master Amadi spends several hours working, assisted by a whole team of helpers.

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