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Zanfirico tipetto goblet


  • Height: 23cm - 9.06"
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These pieces are collectibles, art objects of classic design, and absolutely unique! The "Tipetto" is part of the typical Murano glass production. The most ancient and valuable pieces are shown in museums around the world. Calling it just a glass is an understatement: it can be defined without doubt a precious piece of luxury, a true work of art. They are of extraordinary craftsmanship, consisting of a cup - created with the zanfirico technique - supported by a finely worked stem, mouth-blown and hot assembled. Every component can be considered as a little masterpiece. Variations in the size and shape are due to the craftsmanship method: the master glassmaker creates and decorates each cup by hand, without using molds. Each goblet is a unique piece, impossible to duplicate. Made in Murano for MuranoVitrum by a selected glassworks, using the ancient and traditional Murano glass techniques.

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