A glass invented by Carlo Scarpa for Venini & Co . during the late 30s. It is based on the traditional filigrana technique with particularly thin rods used in this case, joined one to the other with especially refined alternating colours. On occasion, to enhance the surface even further, it is lightly battuto at the grinding wheel.

Used by Venini & Co. to this day, it was in use by Paolo Venini in the 50s to make small flat panes that, once assembled, form large glass windows in flashy colours. Architect Gio Ponti praised them in the pages of the magazine "Domus".
The "mosaico tessuto", consisting of flat "tessuto" glass rods and of other elements arranged orthogonally using the pezzati technique, was exhibited at the Milano Triennale in 1954 by Paolo Venini.

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