Benjamin Lintell

Born in Plymouth, UK, 1995
Benjamin Lintell is a full-time artist and glass blower who creates glass artwork in South West England.

He has been working with glass for 5 years, earning a BA in Contemporary Craft from Plymouth College of Art, graduating in 2017. He has collaborated with numerous prominent glass artists in the UK, the US and Paris; and exhibited at Venice Glass Week, MilanoVetro-35 in 2020 and Talente, Munich in 2018.


Every year I have been traveling to the Greek Islad of Skiantos in the Aegean. Over these many years it has become a very important place for me: I love the people, the simplicity and the vibrance of the island. These three pieces attempt to capture and reflect these elemnts, weaving and twisting thin strands of colour through the depths of the glass, creating a unique and moving vibrancy of colours.

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