Carlo Nason
Born in Murano in 1935, Nason comes from one of the oldest families of glassmakers on the island.
He grew up attending the glass masters who work in the family furnace and immediately sensed and investigated the great potential of glass, a material steeped in history and memory.
Carlo Nason appropriates the most refined techniques of glass art and, demonstrating an innovative design attitude, uses them in the field of design, creating a skilful combination of technique and high craftsmanship, tradition and innovation.
At the beginning of his career, in the 1960s, he collaborated with the family glass factory V. Nason & C with which he created some pieces that are present in the collection of the Corning Museum of Glass, Corning New York.
Between 1965 and 1980 he collaborated with the A.V. Mazzega di Murano, whose products, now out of production, are sold in numerous international auctions.
He has collaborated with all the most important companies in Murano, the Vetreria Vistosi, the Vetreria Carlo Moretti and the Vetreria Livio Seguso .
Since the 1980s he has collaborated with the Firme Di Vetro Group of Salzano, with the De Majo glassworks in Murano and with Leucos in Salzano.
He designed ski shoes for Garmont, ceramics for Baldelli and worked on graphics for various companies.
He is a consultant for the glass sector for Casinos Austria in Vienna.
Passionate about photography, in the sixties and seventies he won numerous competitions.
His works are part of the collections of international museums and numerous private collections.

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