European Glass Context 2020 Exhibitions

Application Deadline April 20, 2020
Online application opens half march 2020

are you an innovative glass artist? here is a nice occasion to introduce yourself.

2 large curated exhibitions at the Bornholm Art Museum and Grønbechs Gård will showcase the best of European glass. The exhibitions are curated with personal invitations, as well as an open call, where individual artists, artists associations, individual curators, artists, designers and crafts makers working with glass can apply for participation.
Four underlying categories will shape the exhibitions. By setting a contemporary framework for the exhibitions, we want to put together two exhibitions that will largely reflect significant and new works, as well as the innovative, activist, experimental and sustainable trends in European glass.
Site-specific installation projects or works: could be with reference to Bornholm.
UN Sustainability Goals: works based on one or more of the UN's sustainability goals.
Craft: unique master pieces and contemporary objects.
Social or political practices: works or processes originating from social or political practices.
Ca. 60 artists will be represented with major significant works. A curatorial group of 4-6 glass professionals from selected regions in Europe will make the final selection of artists representing all 31 invited European countries.

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