Fratelli Toso

One of the oldest glass factories on the island, already open in 1854, the firm was mostly typical at first for its production of classic blown glass and, in the early years of 20th century, for vases executed with the murrine technique.

Between 1910 and

1914 an important event was the cooperation with the norwegian artist Hans Stoltenberg Lerche , who had a long series of objects produced inspired by the world of the sea; that objects, exhibited at the 1912 and 1914 Venice Biennali , represented a really unique experience in the Murano world.

Critics made a great deal of these pieces, in view of this extraordinary personality, after his death in Rome in 1920.

A large retrospective exhibition was dedicated to him in the Norwegian hall of the First International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Monza (Milan, Italy) in 1923.

While continuing to cooperate with the artists, the firm executed a number of glass objects for Umberto Bellotto , in particular those exhibited at the 1914 Venice Biennale at the latter's personal show.

In 1923, again in Monza, in addition to a series of fairly traditional blown objects, although not without some boldness of execution, a series of large-size vases and bowls appeared, designed by the painter Guido Cadorin , vaguely reminiscent of Orental motifs, used by the artist in the execution of some lacqued furniture.

Production was gradually modernized as demonstrated by the silver band vases exhibited at the 1934 Venice Biennale or by the large zanfirico and reticello vases exhibited the previous year at the MilanTrennale (Italy).

After the second world war the furnace took part n all the most important exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Together with a return to the use of murrine - in the past they were one of the firm specialities, other products appeared in transparent glass, with very faint colourings or completely colourless on designs by Giusto and Renato Toso, mostly executed by the maestros Alberto Moretti, Licio Zuffi and Vittorio Ferro. It is remarkable, among the last works made, the large "Gala" fountain, on the design of Amerigo Marchesin and Giusto Toso, shown at the 1968 Venice Biennale: it became a desing classic during the late 60s - early 70s.

The firm ceased production activities in 1982.




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