How to Strengthen Important Relationships with Corporate Gifts

When talking about corporate gifts our mind immediately goes to an object to purchase. We suggest you to adopt a tactical approach when planning a retention marketing strategy.
Here’s some ideas that might tickle your curiosity and help you optimize your corporate gifts budget.

Embrace the H2H marketing philosophy

We are all accustomed to divide marketing into two big categories; business-2-business and business-2-consumer.
This has helped marketers from all over the world to better separate specialties, audiences, and targets.

The distinction between B2B and B2C has created a two-way approach for marketers, helping them to easily aim the brand’s message at the right audience and supplying a strategic path to follow.
However, the two categories – B2B and B2C – are becoming obsolete nowadays.

Today it’s all about H2H: Human-2-Human.
These words come from Bryan Kramer, renowned social business strategist, who believes business is made of humans, hence marketers should adapt accordingly.

We are living in the social era and the most powerful Marketing Media are social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, just to mention a few. The advent of these modern ways of exchanging information have completely reshaped how each one of us relate, making communication easy, always-on, at our fingertips.

That’s why your marketing strategy must embrace the social revolution in order to respond to the new digital trends that encourage any organization to enter into the online conversations. As human beings, we hold empathy, pathos, understanding, emotions.

Communication is not as complicated as we imagine: it should be genuine and simple, humble and receptive.

3 effective ways to put the H2H approach into practice

Today’s markets are conversations. By monitoring, interacting, engaging with the social conversations it is possible to identify discussions that might be influential for your retention marketing strategy.

Here we want to give you some examples on how to build a meaningful H2H approach with key-stakeholders and enhance your retention strategy.

First Example: contact a prospect

If you have identified a company that has a good potential for your brand and you want to gain trust, it’s time to start monitoring the company’s CEO social media channels.

You can add him on LinkedIn, like and comment his posts, add him to your LinkedIn network. By engaging with this prospect, you can build a relationship that can easily evolve into a partnership.

To strengthen this bond a marketer can choose to invest part of the retention budget into corporate gifts.

Second example: re-establish an existing relationship with a former customer

As it is so hard to find new customers, it is more logical to nourish old ones.

First, you can check the company’s new organization chart and find out the employee that might cover a decision-making role.

Then you can re-establish the thread of conversation together again by reading the past emails, monitoring their social media activities, interacting with their posts, adding them on LinkedIn and start a conversation.
Finally contact them by phone and try to understand their personal interests. This is a perfect time to find out what they would enjoy as a present.

Be original and unique. Choose a gift that might impress them and, at the same time, add value to your brand.

Third example: add a customer advocacy program

You best customers want to build a one to one relationship, feeling unique and heard. The best strategy is to exceed their expectations. By doing so you will have a life-long customer and furthermore an advocate who will spread the word about your company.

As a suggestion, you can divide your customers into levels, according to their sell-out or other business indexes you might have considered.

MuranoGlass helps you to impress your customers

The best way to draw your customer’s attention is giving a well thought-out gift that falls in perfectly with your retention strategy.
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From business clocks and office decorations to more personal jewellery and sculptures, we can satisfy any need according to your budget.
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Being original, unique, giving hight-quality presents is the key to be stuck into somebody’s mind.

Browse our collections and let us inspire you: buy unique pieces for exclusive settings, or surprise your stakeholders with a precious gift that best represents your business and brand.

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