Juliette Leperlier

To Juliette Leperlier pâte de verre is a family heritage. Her great grandfather François Décorchemont designed the technique, and then her father Etienne Leperlier and her uncle Antoine continued the research.

Juliette had all the cards at hand to carry on, but she wanted to study other techniques first, so she studied sculpture at ENSAAMA in Paris and a Master of plastic arts at the Sorbonne, before starting a new exploration of glass in 2010.

Glass is a paradoxical material at the very basis of my research. Both transparent and opaque, fragile and tough, stable and unstable. It is an amorphous material that could be considered a solid as much as a liquid. My sculptures are designed to represent that flow of unstable material. They are forces in movement frozen into time and space like waves caught in the cold. They give a crystallized impression of a long creation process.

At the venice glass week

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