La Fornasotta


In 1966, a young boy named Gabriele Urban started working with glass in an old kiln in Murano. He was determined to perfect his skills and bring his own unique creations to life. After 40 years of experience in glass blowing, he started his own kiln, known as La Fornasotta, in 1995.

La Fornasotta has a welcoming atmosphere where everyone works together, from interacting with clients to creating new pieces. Each person brings their own ideas and opinions to enrich the development of each creation while keeping in mind that Murano is known for its glass. The goal is to achieve a balance of light, reflections, and colors in every piece.

The team at La Fornasotta uses ancient glass techniques, such as creating murrine and mosaic tiles, as well as making simple wine glasses and intricate designs with glass powders. They also offer custom-made, extravagant creations. At La Fornasotta, every detail is important, and the result is stunning glass art that showcases their skillful craftsmanship.






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