Lupin III at the Palazzo Ducale

Lupin III is back at Palazzo Ducale.

Yes, but this time it's a joke, and not a band like the Serbo-Croatian band that stole the jewels of the maraja last year.

Emanuele Sari, a forty-two year old Venetian mosaicist, brought his

works dedicated to Lupin III to the Ducale. The character of Japanese cartoons loved by many generations, made with the consent of his eighty-two-year-old creator Monkey Punch.

A collection that is collecting different requests.

"I started about 15 years ago, making furnishing accessories such as tables and mirrors with my father's wife Rossana Colombo", recounts, “Then, about ten years ago, I experimented with copies of Van Gogh and Modigliani paintings and then, together with my collaborators, also portraits.

But I always had a passion for comics and cartoons and I loved Lupin III as a child. So last year I tried to make my first mosaic with Japanese manga ".

Something made at home, but which everyone liked, so much that Emanuele Sari starts thinking about an entire collection.

"It was necessary to understand who the rights of the character were, and I discovered that they are from Mediaset" he resumes. "So I went to Milan, I showed the mosaics and they liked them I got permission to reproduce the characters in collaboration with the designer to whom the photos are sent from time to time".

Thus the whole "family" of the protagonists of the Lupin III series was reproduced: besides the "nephew" of Arsenio Lupine created by Monkey Punch (real name Kazuhiko Kato) in 1967, Margot-Fujiko was added (for her, for example , Monkey indicated to remake the cheekbones and some "curves"), Goemon, the unfortunate inspector Zenigata and Jigen.

The mosaics of the collection are 1,50 meters high, and are made with glasses produced by the historic furnace Orsoni di Cannaregio, with the addition of a gold leaf for some backgrounds.

A Lupin III has been exhibited for some time at the "Al Terminal" bar in San Basilio, and there are already those who have renamed it "the bar of Lupin", while an entire series was sold to a Venetian gallery.

But the love for comics doesn't stop: "For my son's room I made a mosaic of Snoopy -Peanuts, I made a mosaic also with the characters of Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines”.

“This is for pleasure mine, but in the background there is also a possible collaboration with Warner Bros for a mosaic dedicated to Batman: Comics for me are the emblem of popular art, without false pretenses."

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