Peace of glass

The firm “Peace of glass” was born in London in 2010, a project by the glass fusing artist and painter Roberta De Caro , born in Milan and of Apulian origins.
Although this is a relatively new project, it has already met with success and interest, so much so that the pieces of Peace of Glass are on sale in various shops in England and in the Metal and Stone art gallery in Cheltenham.

Recently Roberta De Caro's works have also landed in the United States and Venezuela, affirming her as an emerging artist also on the international scene.
The first Italian presentation of Peace of Glass will be held in Cisternino on the occasion of the “Le Pietre che cantano” festival, from 16 to 18 August 2013.
This is no coincidence because the Itria Valley is one of the most loved places by the artist, who lived there and which in her works often represents the significant places that inspire her, such as the wonderful views of the valley, or the English countryside, but also the modern environments around his home in London.
In short, the art of Peace of Glass could be defined as "the lens through which the artist sees the world".
Peace of Glass creations are made entirely by hand. In his works, the artist uses the contrast between opacity and transparency, manipulates bright colors and shapes through different techniques and materials in order to obtain authentic works of art, each of which is a unique piece.
Roberta De Caro also performs her works on commission, both for unique pieces and for particular series in which each single piece, while being part of a whole, maintains its individuality .

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