Pino Signoretto

Pino Signoretto is recognised as the most prominent glass artist and sculptor not only in Murano but also in the world .

What seemed and was impossible to achieve for anyone else, Pino has done,demonstrating his skills and strength in manipulating glass that he calls “ the unrivalled master of my life”.


What makes Pino Signoretto, one of the most famous Murano glass masters

Pino was born in Venice in 1944, and died in 2017.

Due to economical difficulties of his family, he began working in a glass furnace at an early age. He was 9 - only a child - but he immediately fell in love with Murano glass.

In 1959 he had the chance to work with for the great glass maestros of that time: Livio and Angelo Seguso , Ermanno Nason , and - most important for Pino – the greatly celebrated Alfredo Barbini , who became his teacher and mentor.

In 1960 he became glass master blower. These have been important years for Pino because he’s learnt Murano glass secrets and techniques – handed down from generation to generation, for centuries – and has accumulated something very important for a passionate artist like him: experience.

1978 marks the opening of his very own atelier in Murano and the collaboration with famous artists: Dal Pezzo, Licata , Kruft, Pomodoro, Vitali, Wilson , even Picasso and Dalì. Later he has collaborated along with Chihuiy , Koons, Kummer, Vercrysse, Quinn.

Pino Signoretto

In 1985 he went to Japan where he prepared plans and drawings for twelve huge water fountains for the Hotel Americans-Gei-ken-Toyko.

He's designed the 1990 NBA trophy.

He's been awarded many times over the years. Some prizes won are:

  • 1982: Gold Medal at the Foyer des Artistes, in France;
  • 1983: Venice Biennale Trophy
  • 1984: Gold Medal at the Foyer des Artistes, in France;
  • 1989 Knighted for his works by the President of the Italian Republic;
  • 1989-90-91 Award Scultura Vetro Murano
  • 1994 Honorary Award of European Economic Community.

Everybody wanted and want him to make their ideas come alive for his ability in carefully reproducing even the smallest details, and because sometimes he’s the only artist that know how to manipulate glass to obtain something otherwise believed impossibile.

Glass as a daily challenge

If you are in Murano and ask anybody who’s the greatest master glass maker alive you’ll hear the same reply over and over: Pino Signoretto.

Abstract composition. 60cm (23.62")

Abstract composition. 60cm (23.62")

What has made Pino so great? His talent? Sure. His passion? Of course. Add even his great knowledge of the ancient Murano glass techniques. But there’s something more.

Pino loved his relationship with glass as a daily challenge and he deeply enjoys working with this magical yet complex matter.

Everyday he created something new, reproducing with glass perfect animal, figurative, even abstract and conceptual shapes.

His sculptures are true examples of virtuosity and show us all his talent, all of the Murano glass secrets he has learnt over the years, and even his joy in constantly challenging glass. That’s why you’ll find Pino Signoretto’s artworks exhibited in important museums around the world.

Pino continued his endless and tireless experimentation until he died in 2017. He was a popular Murano glass instructor, not only in Venice but all over the world.

Today we are proud to feature in our website Murano glass figurines and other artworks created by such a genius artist. In fact, the greatest Murano glass artist alive: Pino Signoretto.



The biggest Murano Glass in the world. 3x4mt (9.8'x13.12')

Big clown. Height: 1,60mt (5.25')

Luggage with clothes for the Milano Fashion Week



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"L'effimero e la vanità si aprono nel capolavoro di Pino Signoretto." by Stefano De Grandis

  • Shari
    Nov 25, 2023 at 15:09

    I have a clear glass lovers statue that it original and in perfect condition signed by Pino Signoretto. What would be the best method of selling it and how do I find out how much it is worth? Thank you.

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