Raffaele Rossi

Born in Alba (CN) on May 20, 1956.
In 1975, after the artistic high school in Novara, fascinated by ancient Venetian painting, he stayed for a few years in Mogliano Veneto in the Treviso area where he held his first personal exhibition in 1978.

In this period, he follows the chalcography courses at the International School of Graphics and, also in Venice, the Free Nude School.
Attracted by ancient painting techniques, he approaches the "workshop" of two Venetian painters: Valeria Rambelli and Ottone Marabini. From them he learns how to grind and mix colors with egg tempera and oil, learn how to prepare tables and canvases and are passionate about research and reuse of ancient materials. He experiments with frescoes and thus a particular love for plasters and material surfaces is born, which leads him to the current pictorial moment characterized by thick surfaces made with particular aggregates such as marble dust, sands and natural adhesives.
Regarding Murano, he designs some works for Oscar Zanetti and Vittorio Ferro in 1998.
With Fabio Fornasier , Miriam Di Fiore participates in the Venice Glass Week .
He lives and works in S. Ambrogio di Trebaseleghe in the province of Padua.
His works are permanently kept at:
Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo Sarcinelli, Conegliano TV; Italy. Museum of Splendor, Giulianova TE; Italy. Credit Suisse, Hong Kong. Bank Julius Baer, Hong Kong. Bank Sarasin & Cie Ag, Hong Kong. Sheraton Hotel, Hong Kong. Frescoed room in "Son Apau", Azahar Jardineria y Riegos, Palma DE Mallorca; Spain

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