Svetlana Ostapovici

Born in Ribnita, Moldova, in1967. She moved to Italy on 1999 where she lives and works now. Photography, installations, painting, mosaic are the means of expression she used for her researches.

Her techniques uses at the first time the art of mosaic - amalgams of acrylic, vitreous tesserae, painting and plastic elements.
She traveled around Italy collecting information and expanding her knowledge towards this form of art. In Ravenna she became familiar with the mosaic technique, in Rome she perfected her craft working in a renowned mosaic studio in Piazza San Pietro.One of her most reconognized exhibition was "Identification" at the Excelsior Hotel in Venice. The installation made with the mosaic technique, composed of large sculptures representing faces.
Faces that in their essentiality want to rediscover their individuality.
Although not having any physiognomic reference to his person, they are in some way his mirror and his story, a moment in the search for itself.

“Identification” by Svetlana Ostapovici:

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