Venice Glass Week: Baravovier & Toso

Barovier & Toso participates in the third edition of The Venice Glass Week, scheduled from 7 to 15 September, the international festival dedicated to glass art that celebrates the great liveliness of the artistic, cultural and productive scene of the lagoon city.

For this special occasion, which marks the 130th anniversary of the birth of Ercole Barovier, the Murano company chooses to create a limited edition dedicated to the extraordinary secular tradition that has fueled its inestimable heritage of knowledge. Barovier & Toso therefore produces an exclusive series, composed of 3 models of vases, in different shades of green, with a circulation of 16 pieces for each design.

Among the most interesting techniques developed by Ercole Barovier in the '30s there is "twilight", obtained with the inclusion of iron wool between two layers of hot glass. He perfected and embellished this technique, a dding an outer layer of 24K gold leaf, and thus creating the "aura twilight". The effect is a glass with soft brownish arborescences, with golden specks scattered inside the random plot. With this technique Ercole Barovier created, in the 60s, a series of vases of which still today some collection specimens are preserved, an expression of technical competence and sensitivity.

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