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colorazione a caldo senza fusione

Colorazione a caldo senza fusione

This system for colouring glass, while the glass is a molten glass was the subject of several experiments by patents filed on 16 july 1937 related to: "glassware containing agglomerates of oxides and metals" and "glassware with the inside of metallic filaments".
The second one relates substantially to "crepuscolo" glass obtained by applying to the molten glass some metallic filaments coated with a layer of colourless transparent glass; the first was made by the Barovier & Toso firm to produce a number of series of renowned glassware such as "autunno gemmato" and "laguna gemmata", continuing in the 50s with "barbarici", "neolitici", "giada", "eugenei" and many many others.