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Murano glass DoubléThe purpose of this process is to preserve stable the gold or silver decorations. It reminds a technique used in Bohemia in the eighteen century, the "Zwischengoldglas", but with some light varations.
On a first plate made of transparent glass, a decoration is engraved using the wheel, then subsequently it is gilded or silvered over, and then covered with a second plate.
After this process, the item is put into an oven, where, when a certain temperature is reached, the parts join each other to gain complete adherence, and encase the decoration that is thus protected against external agents.
This process, perfected by Francesco Andolfato in the early 60s, is extremely difficult to execute. We want to mention the four oval dishes designed by the painter Mirko Casaril and exhibited at the XXXII Venice Biennale in 1964.