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Bauta venetian mask


  • Width: 7cm - 2.76"
  • Height: 13cm - 5.12"
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A thin circular rod surrounded by various layers of differently coloured glass, shaped inside special moulds and then gradually heated up, is then cooled and progressively cut into a number of small pieces.
Those segments are then inserted into specific forms, and then compacted through re-heating in special furnaces-always respecting traditional design and colours-until the murrina is produced, which is finally ground and polished to form it into its definitive shape.
Facts & Figures.The Bauta is a traditional mask. It dates back to the 13th Century and consists not only of a white mask that fully covers the face, but also of a woven lace, a cape and a black hat with three tips, called Tricorno. It was used all year by Venetian people who wanted to protect their identity and social status: common people and nobles could wear it and they could mix up, mostly at the gambling houses held in the Venetian Palaces. Fun facts: Everyone had to greet the Bauta as you could not know who was wearing it! Casanova used to wear it for his romantic encounters. Features: The white mask made of plaster, papier-mâché or leather was designed to allow eating and drinking and its shape could modify the voice. Nowadays Bautas are used in Venice during the Carnival season.

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