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Available in cyan, red, violet with golden decorations.


  • Height: 22cm - 8.66"
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These goblets are the best meaningful expression of an art begun in the 18th Century: during the 18th and the 19th Century they were very much appreciated as wedding gifts.
They are of extraordinary craftsmanship, consisting of a cup supported by a finely worked stem, mouth-blown and hot assembled. Every component can be considered as a little masterpiece.
Variations in the size and shape are due to the craftsmanship method: the master glassmaker creates and decorates each cup by hand, without using molds. Each goblet is a unique piece, impossible to duplicate.
Made in Murano for MuranoVitrum by a selected glassworks, using the ancient and traditional Murano glass techniques.
Available in cyan, red, violet with golden decorations.

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