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The Collection Barry Friedman at Glass Museum

By Admin Muranonet 9 July 2019 193 Views No comments

An exhibition brings the collection of Barry Friedman from New York to the Museum of Glass in Murano, an art enthusiast who donated his collection to The Venitian Heritage - New York in 2017, which in turn brought it permanently to the Glass Museum of Murano is thus enriched by 177 works churned out by the best names in Murano glass of the twentieth century.

Tapio Wirkkala at the Glass Museum

By Admin Muranonet 27 June 2019 305 Views No comments

From 7 May to 29 September 2019 Murano and contemporary Exhibition of TAPIO WIRKKALA in the Glass Museum in Murano, Venezia.

Michela Cattai

By Admin Muranonet 9 June 2019 372 Views No comments

Currently residing in Milan, Michela Cattai moved to Venice in 1984 to attend Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, under the guidance of master Fabrizio Plessi.
Later she enrolled in the two-year course of Design, participating in the course "Communicating Vases" held by Ennio Chiggio, a member of the N Group of Padua, thanks to which he familiarized himself with the concepts of semantics and semiotics in the field of Italian design, concentrating her own study on the substance of the glass.

Thomas Stearns alla Venini

By Admin Muranonet 29 May 2019 445 Views No comments

The autumn exhibition 2019 of Le Stanze del Vetro will be dedicated to Thomas Stearns who arrived in Murano in 1960, and his collaboration with the Venini glassworks: the search for documents and works began in view of the exhibition and the realization of the reasoned catalog.

Le Stanze Del Vetro

By Admin Muranonet 15 May 2019 333 Views No comments

The project marks the opening of a new permanent exhibition space designed to host a series of solo and group shows featuring international artists, both contemporary and historical, who have used glass during their careers as an original means of expression and a medium for researching their own personal aesthetics.

Cirva - Centre International de Recherche sur le Verre et les Arts plastiques

By Admin Muranonet 15 May 2019 348 Views No comments

Designed as a research laboratory, the Cirva - Centre international de recherche sur le verre et les artes plastiques was established in Marseille in 1986 as a non-for-profit state entity to host international artists, designers and architects wishing to introduce glass to their creative process. These artists, who are often confronted with a difficult to master material for the first time, develop their designs assisted by the Cirva technical team.

Robert Wilson

By Admin Muranonet 12 May 2019 271 Views No comments

Wilson, Bob (owner Robert). - Director (n. Waco 1941).
After studying architecture, he devoted himself to theater in the Byrd Hoffman School of Byrds in New York, working on the recovery of brain-damaged children.
From this experience was born Deafman's glance (1970), which immediately imposed him as the most original director of the new generation.
Wilson proposed

Igor Mittoraj

By Admin Muranonet 12 May 2019 294 Views 1 comment

Polish sculptor (Oederan, Germany, 1944 - Paris 2014). Born in Germany but lived in Krakow, he completed his studies in this city, initially devoting himself to painting and setting up his first personal exhibition in

Valter Rossi

By Admin Muranonet 12 May 2019 134 Views No comments

"Glass, this magical material that pushes me every day to improve myself to reach a perfection that I will never reach."
"The master glassmaker

Emanuele Sari

By Admin Muranonet 10 April 2019 347 Views No comments

Emanuele Sari, was born in Venice on 11 June 1976.

He has worked in art galleries since he was 20, absorbing the skills of various artists.

For over 15 years he has been making glass mosaics using the direct technique.

The direct technique consists