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Unfold Venice

Erwin Walter Burger

By Admin Muranonet 12 January 2021 28 Views No comments

Work nourished by emotion and imagination likewise triumphed over formal theory among a few glass designers active in Milan itself.
Erwin Burger, the cutter and engraver long employed by Fontana Arte, quit the firm in 1945 and went to work his own.

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Vittorio Costantini

By Admin Muranonet 9 January 2021 37 Views No comments

Vittorio Costantini was born in Burano, an island near Murano, in 1944.
The son of a fisherman and a lace maker he began working in the glass factory at the age of 11.

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Mauro Bonaventura

By Admin Muranonet 9 January 2021 28 Views No comments

He was born in Venice in 1965. At 18 he graduated in electronics.
In his search for a job, fate and providence gave him the opportunity to become an apprentice in the ancient tradition of Venetian glass blowing.

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Dante Marioni

By Admin Muranonet 4 January 2021 69 Views No comments

Dante Marioni was born in 1964 in Mill Valley, California.
In 1979, the Marioni family moved to Seattle and Dante began to study glassblowing at The Glass Eye. He spent summers at the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington where his father taught.

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Cesare Sent

By Admin Muranonet 17 December 2020 153 Views No comments

Cesare Sent was born in Murano, where he is still living and working.
After acquiring the mastery of the Muranese techniques passed down to him from both his grandfathers, both having been well known glass masters, he focused his interest in fusing, lamp-working and kiln casting, adding a touch of modernity to these traditional techniques.

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Vittorio Ferro

By admin 17 December 2020 30321 Views No comments

Born in 1932
Master glassmaker at F.lli Toso.
His extraordinary ability allowed him to deal with all the techniques of working in the furnace, from delicate filigrana to massello, but his favorite technique was the murrina

Davide Salvadore

By admin 17 December 2020 22564 Views No comments

Davide Salvadore - Mattia and Marco's father (see Studio Salvadore) - was born in a family of glassworkers.

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Martin Bradley

By Admin Muranonet 21 November 2020 335 Views No comments

Martin Bradley was born in 1931 in Richmond, Surrey in England.
Since childhood he has shown great interest in art. Bradley drops out of school and, at the age of fourteen, embarks as a cabin boy where he begins painting portraits of his companions aboard the ship.

Artists in Glass: Late Twentieth Century Masters

By Admin Muranonet 11 October 2020 411 Views No comments

Author: Dan Klein
Hardcover: 240 pages

Venezia Aperto Vetro: International New Glass 1998

By Admin Muranonet 11 October 2020 375 Views No comments

Author: Attilia Dorigato, Dan Klein, et al, Mara Rumiz
Paperback: 246 pages