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By Admin Muranonet 13 February 2020 411 Views No comments

A Favor is an expression of love. Is the best way to demonstrate your guest how much you appreciate being with you. Don’t leave it at the end in the ‘To do List.


By Admin Muranonet 9 February 2020 26 Views No comments

Springs or pliers similar to those of the fireplace, of various sizes and shapes. They are used to model hot glass.

Save the date: Vetro e Disegno

By Admin Muranonet 27 January 2020 192 Views No comments

We are glad to announce the Vetro e Disegno exhibition
Save the date: 2 Feb. - 20 May. 2020, Punta Conterie - Murano.

Gambaro & Poggi

By Admin Muranonet 19 January 2020 134 Views No comments

Mario Gambaro's family has always been linked to the artistic production of glass and the manufacture of glass by hand. Mario's father-in-law Eduino Ferro had been a master at Pauly for many years and took part in the Chicago Universal Exposition in 1934.

Save the date: Homo Faber 2020

By Admin Muranonet 19 January 2020 231 Views No comments

We are delighted to announce the second edition of Homo Faber
Save the date: 10 Sept. - 11 Oct. 2020, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice.

Enzo Scarpa

By Admin Muranonet 19 January 2020 356 Views No comments

In the late 1960s an exclusive relationship developed between Pauly & Co., C.V.M. and Enzo Scarpa.

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Reno Bardella

By Admin Muranonet 11 January 2020 155 Views 2 comments

Born in Murano in 1952.
Known by all as Moreno, he began his apprenticeship in various furnaces, including Cenedese, Alfredo Barbini and Civam.
Over time he perfected himself in the technique of blowing and solid wood and became a master at Ferro & Lazzarini.

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Thomas Apa

By Admin Muranonet 11 January 2020 147 Views No comments

Thomas was born in Murano in 1980.
From a very young age he was fascinated by the world of glass with which he is surrounded.
After graduation he decided to contact Dario Frare to be introduced to the a lume glass technique.

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Venice and American Studio Glass

By Admin Muranonet 10 January 2020 237 Views No comments

From 23 March to 26 July 2020. The spring exhibition of LE STANZE DEL VETRO will be dedicated to Studio Glass, with an extraordinary selection of glass works by American artists and designers.

​Carnival in Venice, 2020

By Admin Muranonet 9 January 2020 3560 Views No comments

From February 8th to 25th Venice will become the magical set of the Carnival.