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Scuola Abate Zanetti

By Admin Muranonet 6 January 2020 159 Views No comments

Founded in 1862 by the religious Vincenzo Zanetti, the Scuola Abate Zanetti is today the only official institute for learning Murano glass art.

Vincenzo Zanetti (Abate)

By Admin Muranonet 6 January 2020 178 Views No comments

He was a Muranese priest and historian, who founded the Murano Glass Museum in 1861 with the intent to restore the lustre of Muranese glassmaking and relaunch the industry that was going through a deep crisis.

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V. Nason & C.

By Admin Muranonet 5 January 2020 207 Views No comments

Founded in the thirties by Vincenzo Nason, heir of one of the most ancient families of Murano, the glassworks has established itself in the period of greatest artistic splendor of the island with a brand that became well known in Italy and also abroad.

Flavio Poli

By admin 5 January 2020 5106 Views No comments

Born in Chioggia (Venice, Italy) in 1900, he died in Venice in 1984.

In 1929 Flavio Poli collaborated with the I.V.A.M. - of which he was a partner Libero Vitali - and designed figures, to be made of solid glass. Poli was the first to tackle, in Murano, the theme of the female nude: in the compostiera (glass, ceramic or sim. Cup, used to serve fruit compotes at the table) of 1929-30, he designed a central female bust, with gripping function.

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Eduino Ferro

By Admin Muranonet 1 January 2020 141 Views No comments

Eduino Ferro was for years the first master of the Pauly & C. glassworks with which he participated in the Universal Exhibition in Chicago in 1934.
A year later he founded the Ferro & C. glassworks but his untimely death marked its closure.

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Rosa Barovier Menasti

By Admin Muranonet 1 January 2020 4 Views No comments

Glass historian.
Descended from one of the ancient Venetian glass families, Rosa Barovier Mentasti graduated in Ancient Letters at the University of Padua in 1973 with a thesis on ancient glass.

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Martin Janecký

By Admin Muranonet 23 December 2019 262 Views No comments

Martin started working with glass at the age of 13 in his father's factory in the Czech Republic. His secondary school education focused on creating glass artwork at the Novy Bor School.

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Masters and Brands Signatures

By Admin Muranonet 22 December 2019 246 Views No comments

Until the first half of the 70s, Murano glass producers were not accustomed to signing the objects they produced.
One of the exceptions was the Compagnia di Venezia and Murano - Pauly & C. - which since the early years of the last century, occasionally applied an engraving that represented a crown over the letters CVM.

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Glass Art Society - GAS

By Admin Muranonet 18 December 2019 209 Views No comments

Glass Art Society is a non-profit, international organization.

The mission of GAS is to encourage excellence, to advance education, to promote the appreciation and development of the glass arts, and to support the worldwide community of artists who work with glass.

Elio Quarisa

By Admin Muranonet 18 December 2019 218 Views No comments

In his long career as a glass maker, Elio Quarisa worked at the finest glass factories in Murano, beginning at Barovier & Toso glassworks at the age of nine, to help support his family.

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