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Davide Salvadore

By admin 30 July 2021 27702 Views No comments

Davide Salvadore - Mattia and Marco's father (see Studio Salvadore) - was born in a family of glassworkers.

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Gabriella Nanni

By admin 30 July 2021 25325 Views No comments

You already know Gabriella Nanni for her jewels with Murano glass containing gold and platinum leaves that create incredible light effects. It has been a huge success thanks to their personality and quality.

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Dimitri Cimarosto

By Admin Muranonet 29 July 2021 1977 Views No comments

Dimitri Cimarosto is considered one of the greatest artists of the “a lume” technique.
Dimitri learned the ancient technique of glass blowing from his father Mario, who had been an assistant of the great master Alfredo Barbini, first and then of Livio Seguso.

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By Admin Muranonet 29 July 2021 36847 Views No comments

In the fascinating atmosphere of the island of Murano, set between the sea and the mainland, the Formia glass factory is one of the brightest gems in the panorama of art glass.

Manuela Milan

By Admin Muranonet 29 July 2021 970 Views No comments

Manuela Milan was born in Venice in 1964.
Her passion for glass comes from far: since her childhood she has attended the workshop of a glass master who's a family friend - Marco Fasolato - who later has followed her in the path of learning and experimenting with Murano glass, the base of her activity still nowadays.

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Vetreria Artistica DiPi

By Admin Muranonet 29 July 2021 1661 Views No comments

The Vetreria Artistica DiPi glassworks has been founded in Murano in 1986 by Imperio Rossi, followed by Mario Costantini.

Arte di Murano

By Admin Muranonet 29 July 2021 1615 Views No comments

Arte di Murano was born in Murano in 1986 from the dream of Alfonso Morgillo, a young entrepreneur and the current president of the company.
Over the years the brand has know a great success with its large range of highly differentiated and exclusively handmade products:

Oball s.r.l.

By Admin Muranonet 29 July 2021 25 Views No comments

The Oball artistic glass factory, founded by Luigi Onesto, then joined by his sons Fabio and Michele, has been active for over 30 years.
Oball brand operates mainly in the gift and furnishing objects sector.

Ragazzi & C.

By Admin Muranonet 29 July 2021 1361 Views No comments

The three members of Ragazzi & C. are three cousins, Piero Ragazzi, Alberto Moretti and Nicola Moretti who in the 80s became heirs of the huge cultural heritage of their family.

Alberto Donà

By admin 29 July 2021 23333 Views No comments

Alberto Donà was born in Italy in 1944.
He began working in the glass field at the age of 13. He worked with many masters and had the opportunity to work abroad, in Venezuela. His foremost influence was the maestro "Nane" Ferro, who was known in Murano during the 60's as one of the most skilled and talented masters.

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