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Paolo Cenedese

By Admin Muranonet 19 April 2018 1297 Views No comments

Born on Murano in 1952, he is the first in his family to dedicate himself to glass arts. In fact, already as a youngster he started out as an assistant in the Murano glass factories, and after 35 years he is

​Fiona Rennie Schwieters

By Admin Muranonet 19 April 2018 1171 Views No comments

Born in Wanganui, New Zealand, in 1961.
BVA 1996, in sculpture, AUT, Auckland.
She became a glass artist thanks to a visit to Italy in 2000. She notched and chiseled for a decade, realizing her dream of working with the marble of Pietra Santa. Inspired by

Giuliano Zennaro

By Admin Muranonet 19 April 2018 809 Views No comments

Giuliano Zennaro was born in Venice in 1967.
He is descended from two of Murano's most famous families: the Baroviers and the Ferros.
At 17 he began to work in the artisan studio of

Davide Penso

By Admin Muranonet 19 April 2018 3111 Views No comments

Born in Venice in 1965 and a resident of Murano, he specializes in artistic lampwork beads, in collaboration with Kristina Logan.

He boasts ten years of teaching experience, principally at the AZ school, in addition to performances in Japan and

Diego Bottacin

By Admin Muranonet 19 April 2018 875 Views No comments

Diego Bottacin was born in 1971 and graduated from the Liceo Artistico di Venezia.
He had become familiar with glass working in 2002 and opened his own studio on the Island of Murano in 2003.

Livio Serena

By Admin Muranonet 19 April 2018 884 Views No comments

Born on Murano in 1942, Livio Serena hails from a family immersed for centuries in the art of glass.
At the beginning of

Vetrofusione & Ragazzi

By Admin Muranonet 27 March 2018 2031 Views No comments

Murano’s glass history boasts a very long list of techniques as their improvements, over centuries of production and innovations.

The Murano Glass Aquarium World

By Admin Muranonet 22 March 2018 2674 Views No comments

Have you ever wanted an aquarium, with lots of tropical fishes in your livingroom? Just to adorn a corner of the room, reproducing a small piece of nature on a fine piece of forniture.


By Admin Muranonet 25 February 2018 145 Views No comments

A Favor is an expression of love. Is the best way to demonstrate your guest how much you appreciate being with you. Don’t leave it at the end in the ‘To do List.

Unique Wedding Gifts ideas that fits with all budgets

By Admin Muranonet 23 February 2018 3511 Views No comments

Certainly that be invited to a wedding is a great honor. The idea of having fun, dress up, eat well and dance is always seducing meanwhile