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August 2013

Costume jewellery made in Murano

By admin 19 August 2013 10293 Views No comments

The typical trait of Murano has always been glassworks and glass production, which flooded the markets of costume jewellery but also of luxury products, or even everyday items such as bottles, glass plates and lead glass, exported then throughout Europe. But if the luxury products are famous, what about the less known costume jewellery production?

Paperweights: the history of a fine Murano glass work of art

By admin 1 August 2013 55262 Views 1 comment

The history of Murano glass paperweights started, incredibly, thousands of years ago. It seems that paperweights were born almost by accident: at the end of the day, the glassworkers of the furnace instead of throwing away scraps of coloured glass, decided to join them in bulk in the molten glass. The result was a rounded and heavy object, useful to keep sheets of paper still.