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November 2013

Murrine from Murano and the "EGE" Call

By admin 16 November 2013 6117 Views No comments

Dear friends, this week we would like to inform you about EGE - European Glass Experience, a call for artists living in the European Union that are older than 40.

Until 31st December 2013

Murano: The Essential Art Glass

By admin 6 November 2013 12411 Views No comments

Why investing in fine arte made in Murano is a good choice

Venetian glass is renowned all over the world for its exquisite and timeless beauty. The very heart of Venetian glassmaking can be found on the island of Murano, where this ancient craft has been honed and perfected since the 7th century. It is no wonder that some fourteen centuries later, Murano glass is prized and valued by the discerning collector, not just as an informed and astute investment, but also as works of art.