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December 2013

The Timelessness of Traditions: Murano Glass and Venetian Art Tourism

By admin 19 December 2013 8718 Views No comments

As millions of tourists flock to Italy each year to discover the heart of the Renaissance art world and the magnificent eras surrounding it, so do the passionate craftspeople and artists who are seeking the inspiration to heighten their creativity and refine their techniques.

How beautiful shapes come from a fascinating processing

By admin 19 December 2013 7009 Views No comments

Today we share with you this vintage video from the '80s. It is still interesting because the ancient Muranese techniques have remained unchanged over the centuries.

"The Breath of Glass" - "Il soffio del vetro"

By admin 16 December 2013 6083 Views No comments

After years of restoration, the Venetian Chamber of Commerce is opening again.

For this important occasion it will held «The Breath of Glass» an exhibition organised by the Promovetro Consortium Murano.