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April 2014

The rosebud legend

By admin 21 April 2014 5656 Views No comments

The writer Alberto Toso Fei, and artist Elena Tagliapietra, both from Venice, will give life - on April 25th in St. Marco Square at 2pm - to the fifth edition of "Venice Revealed", a two-year project of reading and body painting.

This year a "human rose" composed of 1200 people will be created; at the same time there will be a flash reading of the Bocolo (blooming rose) legend.

Murano glass mirrors

By admin 2 April 2014 12381 Views No comments

Mirrors are not only functional but also works of art thanks to their frames and decorations. They also make a room appear larger and brighter. They can even be used to create some fantastic pieces of furniture. But how has it all began?