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March 2015

The first African Murano glass master

By admin 23 March 2015 1869 Views No comments

Moulaye Niang arrived in Venice about 10 years ago from Senegal.

First he started as a musician and painter but soon after he met glass and was utterly fascinated by it. The next consequence soon followed: Moulaye decided to work in order to pay for the lessons at the “Abate Zanetti” Murano glass school.

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Murano in space

By admin 18 March 2015 1673 Views No comments

As you probably know, the Italian astronaut Captain Samantha Cristoforetti is participating in a mission on the International Space Station. On 28th January she took a wonderful photo of Venice and its lagoon as seen from space. This image - famous all over the world - moved all us Venetians.

Enameling on Murano glass

By admin 12 March 2015 1266 Views No comments

A domain peculiar to Murano is decoration with enameling: of Bizantine origines, developed in Murano during the 13th Century, it then bloomed in the early Renaissance.