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July 2016

Murano Glass on show in Berlin

By Bizen Bizen 23 July 2016 17070 Views No comments

Sand and fire.

Color hues and magic.

Venice seen from space

By Bizen Bizen 9 July 2016 11227 Views No comments

Venice and its channels seen from above the sky, but also Italy at night. Deserts, auroras, starry skies and thunderstorms.

Staying on the ISS allows to enjoy some of the best views ever admired by man.


By Muranonet 1 July 2016 89100 Views No comments

There is a new system of protection for Murano glass: a few days ago in Venice, the Promovetro consortium introduced the new Vetro Artistico® Murano brand. It will allow anyone who buys an artwork, to know its history and provenance.

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