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November 2019

Ars Cenedese

By Admin Muranonet 29 November 2019 2908 Views No comments

At the end of the Second World War, after having spent his youth at the school of the great Masters of that time, Gino Cenedese founded his glassworks in 1946 together with the great Masters Alfredo Barbini, Gino Fort, Angelo Tosi and Pietro Scaramal.

Giuseppe Lorenzo Briati

By Admin Muranonet 27 November 2019 2145 Views No comments

Giuseppe Briati (Murano, 1686 - Venice, 1772) was born in Murano from a family that for generations was an expert in glass, and therefore entered in the Golden Book of Murano.

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Giorgio Barera

By Admin Muranonet 16 November 2019 960 Views No comments

Trainied as a graphic designer, he came into contact with the Murano glassmaking tradition, creating chandeliers and objects, at Formia International.

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Michael Reza Foroutan

By Admin Muranonet 16 November 2019 1250 Views No comments

Designer at Formia International, for few years.

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By Admin Muranonet 15 November 2019 1893 Views No comments

In 1984 the Voltolina brothers, heirs of a long Venetian tradition in the manufacture of glass, decided to diversify their production by producing high-quality glass for lighting systems.

Mauro Vianello

By Admin Muranonet 15 November 2019 1175 Views No comments

Mauro Vianello began his work on glass in one of the most renowned Murano glass factories when he was very young.

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Vetreria Artistica DiPi

By Admin Muranonet 15 November 2019 1323 Views No comments

The Vetreria Artistica DiPi glassworks has been founded in Murano in 1986 by Imperio Rossi, followed by Mario Costantini.

Service of authentification at the

By Admin Muranonet 15 November 2019 737 Views No comments

Our site exists since 1997.
In all these years we have been contacted by hundreds of users from all over the world who wanted to have our opinion on the authenticity of all kinds of glass objects.

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What is Murano? The Complete Guide to Murano Glass

By Admin Muranonet 15 November 2019 8516 Views No comments

The 10 things you should know before buying a Murano glass artwork

Make sure it's authentic Murano Glass

By admin 15 November 2019 87738 Views 4 comments

"How do I recognise authentic Murano Glass?".

"Is this authentic Murano Glass?".

We often get asked those questions and have already dealt with this subject in the article «A Guide to original Murano Glass» or even in our FAQs page.