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April 2020


By Admin Muranonet 24 April 2020 731 Views No comments

Letteraly (bite). It is the part of the rod which is sunk into the glass and on which it sticks.


By Admin Muranonet 19 April 2020 2686 Views No comments

Glass fusing is a manufacturing process involving the fusion of glass on glass, or fusing a single layer of glass using a special oven, with a temperature range of 700-800°C (1200-1400°F)

Antonio Colleoni

By Admin Muranonet 17 April 2020 38 Views No comments

Antonio Colleoni was born in Mirano and in 1810 he moved to Murano to run his pharmacy.
When Veneto was annexed to Italy, he assumed the effective office of Mayor for the duration of three years; from 1867-1869, he was then reconfirmed Mayor 8 times.

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