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Brunetti's Venice

By admin 24 October 2013 6889 Views No comments

Dear readers, you probably already know the adventures of Guido Brunetti, the commissario in the stunning procedural series written by Donna Leon, set in the beautiful Venice.


Today we wold like to highlight two interesting books. The first is "Brunetti's Venice", a guide of Venice: an original and funny way to visit the capital of the Most Serene Republic. If you are in Venice or even if you are comfortably sitting on the sofa at home, let Brunetti lead you through charming campi, ancient calli, dark canals, and the six sestieri - districts - of Venice. You are going to discover places, food, and aspects of the Venetian daily life you would otherwise miss.

The second one, "Brunetti's Cookbook", will let you uncover the secrets of mouth-watering Venetian and Italian recepies.

We've also found an interesting and amusing interview with Donna Leon at the Toronto Public Library: enjoy.

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