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Martin Bradley

By Admin Muranonet 21 November 2020 15 Views No comments

Martin Bradley was born in 1931 in Richmond, Surrey in England.
Since childhood he has shown great interest in art. Bradley drops out of school and, at the age of fourteen, embarks as a cabin boy where he begins painting portraits of his companions aboard the ship.

François Décorchemont

By Admin Muranonet 11 October 2020 79 Views No comments

François Décorchemont comes from a family of artists: his father, Louis-Émile Décorchemont (1851-1921), born in Saint-Pierre d'Autils, was a sculptor.
After studying at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, he made many glass paste objects that brought him to fame.

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Roberta De Caro

By Admin Muranonet 11 October 2020 41 Views No comments

“My investigation starts with materials and objects that spark interest for their formal qualities and their potential in conveying meaning. I often make use of familiar items that are at once collectively recognisable and of personal resonance, existing in everyday life or as childhood memories.

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Morten Klitgaard

By Admin Muranonet 10 October 2020 33 Views No comments

Morten Klitgaard’s abstract, sculptural forms appear weather beaten, organic and patinated due to the use of oxides upon the surface which cause a reaction to occur with metallic pigments to give a sense of depth and pattern to each and every piece.

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Juliette Leperlier

By Admin Muranonet 8 October 2020 32 Views No comments

To Juliette Leperlier pâte de verre is a family heritage. Her great grandfather François Décorchemont designed the technique, and then her father Etienne Leperlier and her uncle Antoine continued the research.

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Davide Fuin

By Admin Muranonet 30 September 2020 50 Views No comments

Born in Venice, Murano in 1962
Davide Fuin is a master of Murano glass, his skills include a wide spectrum of techniques such as reticello and filigree zanfirico, incalmo and avventurina.

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Carlo Scanferlato

By Admin Muranonet 28 September 2020 63 Views No comments

Product designer. Born in Venice, Italy, 1994.
He is a multidisciplinary designer, recently awarded a MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art, with a background in Interior Design and Fine Arts, and a particular interest in craft practices.

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Martin Blank

By Admin Muranonet 18 September 2020 77 Views No comments

August 29, 1962 -Sharon, Massachusetts, Stati Uniti
American glass artist. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1984 with a BFA with a major in glass.

Sylvain Larrière

By Admin Muranonet 17 September 2020 56 Views No comments

Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France, 1962
One constant feature of Sylvain Larrière’s sculpture is that they open, thus developing another dimension in space and unveiling a universe until now hidden from the eyes.

Yoichi Ohira

By Admin Muranonet 12 September 2020 50 Views No comments

Japanese born Yoichi Ohira has been living and working in Venice since 1973. His distinctive vessels are a blend of Japanese aesthetics and traditional Italian glass techniques.

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