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Giovanni Luca Ferreri

By Admin Muranonet 20 May 2020 40 Views No comments

He was born in Monza in 1970. In 1998 he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Milan Polytechnic.
In 2003 he obtained the title of PhD in Architectural Composition at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (XV ciclo) with a thesis entitled: "Construction of an imagined city", Supervisor Prof. Guido Canella, Co-supervisor Prof. Luciano Semerani .

Leopold Blaschka

By Admin Muranonet 23 March 2020 915 Views No comments

Leopold Blaschka (27 May 1822 - 3 July 1895) and his son Rudolf Blaschka (17 June 1857 - 1 May 1939) were glass craftsmen originally from Dresden, famous for the creation of botanical models and invertebrate marine creatures, truly unrepeatable glass works of art present in many European and American museums.

Elio Raffaeli

By Admin Muranonet 19 March 2020 149 Views No comments

Born in Venice in 1936.
At fifteen he began his apprenticeship in the Seguso-Dalla venezia furnace, where he met Pietro Scaramal, his first master.

Angelo Barovier (15th century)

By Admin Muranonet 19 March 2020 130 Views No comments

(Agnolo from Murano). -
He was a great innovator of the fifteenth century glass art.

Enzo Scarpa

By Admin Muranonet 19 January 2020 934 Views No comments

In the late 1960s an exclusive relationship developed between Pauly & Co., C.V.M. and Enzo Scarpa.

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Reno Bardella

By Admin Muranonet 11 January 2020 293 Views 2 comments

Born in Murano in 1952.
Known by all as Moreno, he began his apprenticeship in various furnaces, including Cenedese, Alfredo Barbini and Civam.
Over time he perfected himself in the technique of blowing and solid wood and became a master at Ferro & Lazzarini.

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Thomas Apa

By Admin Muranonet 11 January 2020 278 Views No comments

Thomas was born in Murano in 1980.
From a very young age he was fascinated by the world of glass with which he is surrounded.
After graduation he decided to contact Dario Frare to be introduced to the a lume glass technique.

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Vincenzo Zanetti (Abate)

By Admin Muranonet 6 January 2020 357 Views No comments

He was a Muranese priest and historian, who founded the Murano Glass Museum in 1861 with the intent to restore the lustre of Muranese glassmaking and relaunch the industry that was going through a deep crisis.

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Flavio Poli

By admin 5 January 2020 11332 Views No comments

Born in Chioggia (Venice, Italy) in 1900, he died in Venice in 1984.

In 1929 Flavio Poli collaborated with the I.V.A.M. - of which he was a partner Libero Vitali - and designed figures, to be made of solid glass. Poli was the first to tackle, in Murano, the theme of the female nude: in the compostiera (glass, ceramic or sim. Cup, used to serve fruit compotes at the table) of 1929-30, he designed a central female bust, with gripping function.

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Eduino Ferro

By Admin Muranonet 1 January 2020 327 Views No comments

Eduino Ferro was for years the first master of the Pauly & C. glassworks with which he participated in the Universal Exhibition in Chicago in 1934.
A year later he founded the Ferro & C. glassworks but his untimely death marked its closure.

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