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By Admin Muranonet 19 April 2020 2087 Views No comments

Glass fusing is a manufacturing process involving the fusion of glass on glass, or fusing a single layer of glass using a special oven, with a temperature range of 700-800°C (1200-1400°F)


By Admin Muranonet 22 March 2020 1581 Views No comments

It is a protuberance in iron or wood which can be an integral part of a stampo or be free inside it.

Stampo libero

By Admin Muranonet 22 March 2020 470 Views No comments

Letterally Free mould.
In this mold the glass is guided along predetermined directions, but left free to act independently.

Stampo con crecola

By Admin Muranonet 22 March 2020 432 Views No comments

Mould like the Stampo a giro with the addition of a third element placed at the base in order to allow the base to be undercut.
See also crecola.

Stampo a giro

By Admin Muranonet 22 March 2020 408 Views No comments

Letterally round mould. It is a mould in which the glass is blown in order to have a repetitiveness of the shape. Usually the stampo has a round plan and opens in two pieces hinged along the centerline vertically.

Canna da soffio

By Admin Muranonet 22 March 2020 451 Views No comments

Literally blown cane in Murano is also called “fero sbuso”, “fero buxo”, or simply “fero”.


By Admin Muranonet 20 March 2020 1461 Views No comments

The maestro is the main figure of the piazza. He is responsible of the overall perfection of each piece. The secrets of the composition of the siliceous sand, of the alum (Soda sand) are cherished of the maestro.
He performs the main task of modeling the piece.


By Admin Muranonet 9 February 2020 454 Views No comments

Springs or pliers similar to those of the fireplace, of various sizes and shapes. They are used to model hot glass.

3d printing with glass. Where are we?

By Admin Muranonet 10 November 2019 2006 Views No comments

In the 800 years of history of glassmaking techniques in our marvelous island of Murano we never stopped in experimentation.

Murrine glass: history and production of a Muranese icon

By Bizen Bizen 22 April 2016 55503 Views No comments

Murrina (plural murrine) indicate coloured patterns or images made in a glass cane (long rods of glass) that are revealed when cut in cross-sections.