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3d printing with glass. Where are we?

By Admin Muranonet 10 November 2019 326 Views No comments

In the 800 years of history of glassmaking techniques in our marvelous island of Murano we never stopped in experimentation.

“A Lume” glass by Mauro Vianello

By Bizen Bizen 23 June 2016 3102 Views No comments

Murano glass Museum

25th June – 23rd October

The lampwork technique is an ancient Muranese art that, as of today, has achieved a unique and universally recognized technical excellence.

Murrine glass: history and production of a Muranese icon

By Bizen Bizen 22 April 2016 13543 Views No comments

Murrina (plural murrine) indicate coloured patterns or images made in a glass cane (long rods of glass) that are revealed when cut in cross-sections.


By Admin Muranonet 1 January 2016 120 Views No comments

Glass fusing is a manufacturing process involving the fusion of glass on glass, or fusing a single layer of glass using a special oven, with a temperature range of 700-800°C (1200-1400°F)


By Admin Muranonet 1 January 2016 13 Views No comments

The word probably derives from paciòn or da paciòso, which means chubby, bold: it is the pliers made like a fireplace caliper with rounded wooden rods. They are used to shape the surface of the glass without swiping during processing.


By Admin Muranonet 1 January 2016 74 Views No comments

Literally cutter, big iron scissor.
The tagliante is generally used to cut the edge of the blown glass. Its name and its shape are centuries old and it seems they will be the same for many other centuries.


By Admin Muranonet 1 January 2016 58 Views No comments

This is a glass invented by Flavio Poli in the early 50's at the firm of Seguso Vetri d'Arte.
The procedure for its preparation is as follows: a large concentric-ring murrina is made with two alternating colours. 

Variegati Zigrinati

By Admin Muranonet 1 January 2016 50 Views No comments

A small series of variegated glass objects was presented at the Venice Biennale in 1938, including two bowls created using a technique which Carlo Scarpa also employed in 1942 for some shells exhibited at that year’s Venice exhibition. 


By Admin Muranonet 1 January 2016 37 Views No comments

Operators who lengthen the glass canna (see coridòri)


By Admin Muranonet 1 January 2016 72 Views No comments

A generally brownish-yellow colored glass, which over time has also been proposed in other shades (see in the picture a blue and brownish aventurine vase).