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Service of authentification at the

By Admin Muranonet 15 November 2019 63 Views No comments

Our site exists since 1997.
In all these years we have been contacted by hundreds of users from all over the world who wanted to have our opinion on the authenticity of all kinds of glass objects.

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What is Murano? The Complete Guide to Murano Glass

By Admin Muranonet 15 November 2019 2875 Views No comments

The 10 things you should know before buying a Murano glass artwork

Make sure it's original Murano Glass

By admin 15 November 2019 29926 Views 1 comment

"How do I recognise original Murano Glass?".

"Is this original Murano Glass?".

We often get asked those questions and have already dealt with this subject in the article «A Guide to original Murano Glass» or even in our FAQs page.

But we want to start the new year remembering you how to recognize original Murano glass from the numerous imitations out there.

The Murano Glass Aquarium World

By Admin Muranonet 22 March 2018 3336 Views No comments

Have you ever wanted an aquarium, with lots of tropical fishes in your livingroom? Just to adorn a corner of the room, reproducing a small piece of nature on a fine piece of forniture.

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By Admin Muranonet 25 February 2018 235 Views No comments

A Favor is an expression of love. Is the best way to demonstrate your guest how much you appreciate being with you. Don’t leave it at the end in the ‘To do List.

Unique Wedding Gifts ideas that fits with all budgets

By Admin Muranonet 23 February 2018 3814 Views No comments

Certainly that be invited to a wedding is a great honor. The idea of having fun, dress up, eat well and dance is always seducing meanwhile

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How to communicate the spirit of your company with Corporate Gifts

By Admin Muranonet 28 August 2017 2903 Views No comments

Offering a quality workspace or giving monetary incentives is not enough: to keep close to you your best collaborators, a concrete possibility is to offer small corporates gifts as a recognition.

How to Strengthen Important Relationships with Corporate Gifts

By Admin Muranonet 23 June 2017 3991 Views 3 comments

When talking about corporate gifts our mind immediately goes to an object to purchase. We suggest you to adopt a tactical approach when planning a retention marketing strategy.

How to Build Long-Term Customer Loyalty with Gift-Giving

By Admin Muranonet 8 June 2017 3344 Views No comments

Are you planning to strengthen your relationship with your customers?
If so, by reading this article we willl try to help you find some tricks to better reach your goals.


By Muranonet 1 July 2016 3899 Views No comments

There is a new system of protection for Murano glass: a few days ago in Venice, the Promovetro consortium introduced the new Vetro Artistico® Murano brand. It will allow anyone who buys an artwork, to know its history and provenance.

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