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Make sure it's original Murano Glass

By admin 15 November 2019 29854 Views 1 comment

"How do I recognise original Murano Glass?".

"Is this original Murano Glass?".

We often get asked those questions and have already dealt with this subject in the article «A Guide to original Murano Glass» or even in our FAQs page.

But we want to start the new year remembering you how to recognize original Murano glass from the numerous imitations out there.

The Glass Industry in Venice Carves Space for the next generation

By Admin Muranonet 16 October 2019 434 Views No comments

The Glass Industry in Venice Carves Space for the next generation

The first time Thomas Stearns attempted to have his glass vessels made, he was unceremoniously thrown out of the Venetian studio by an enraged and insulted master.

Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel

By Admin Muranonet 27 August 2019 691 Views No comments

Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel

The palace was erected between 1473 and 1479 for Nicolò Soranzo with material recovered from an ancient palace of the Gradenigo. Particular glimpses of the adjacent church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli and the coincidence of the construction period make it probable that Nicolò Soranzo will be involved in the construction of the church.

Mirrors in Murano

By Admin Muranonet 6 February 2019 881 Views No comments

The mirror, over the centuries, has always been present in human life and culture. Discover how they're connected to

Visiting Venice in quite an original way

By Bizen Bizen 12 January 2016 1399 Views No comments

“At the end of January 1980, on the streets of Paris, I followed a man whom I lost sight of a few minutes later in the crowd. That very evening, quite by chance, he was introduced to me at an opening. During the course of our conversation, he told me

In Glass We Trust

By admin 27 April 2015 6051 Views No comments

e have recently met again Igor Balbi and had a few words with the maestro about his new project: a contemporary art glass exhibition. Here's what we have learned.

MuranoNet on TK Magazine

By admin 24 April 2015 2930 Views No comments

e are so proud to have collaborated with the gorgeous TK - Tasting Kitchen magazine based in Hong Kong!

Bruno Bischofberger's Art Collection

By admin 17 April 2015 3181 Views No comments

Finnish vases are the passion of great art dealer Bruno Bischofberger who’s showcasing his rich collection from this April in Venice.

Murano in space

By admin 18 March 2015 1709 Views No comments

As you probably know, the Italian astronaut Captain Samantha Cristoforetti is participating in a mission on the International Space Station. On 28th January she took a wonderful photo of Venice and its lagoon as seen from space. This image - famous all over the world - moved all us Venetians.

Enameling on Murano glass

By admin 12 March 2015 1288 Views No comments

A domain peculiar to Murano is decoration with enameling: of Bizantine origines, developed in Murano during the 13th Century, it then bloomed in the early Renaissance.