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The Venice Glass Week

By Admin Muranonet 9 September 2017 5695 Views No comments

Venice relaunches Murano glass.

From 2017 The Venice Glass Week festival takes place in September in Venice and in Murano.

The Venice Glass Week is an international festival dedicated to celebrating, supporting and promoting the art of glassmaking – the artistic and economic activity for which the Lagoon City has been renowned around the world for over 1,000 years.

The fourth edition will take place from 5th to 13th September 2020.

How to communicate the spirit of your company with Corporate Gifts

By Admin Muranonet 28 August 2017 2828 Views No comments

Offering a quality workspace or giving monetary incentives is not enough: to keep close to you your best collaborators, a concrete possibility is to offer small corporates gifts as a recognition.

What is Light good for?

By Admin Muranonet 16 February 2017 1537 Views No comments

Murano glass is a protagonist during Venice Carnival!

​Carnival in Venice, 2017

By Admin Muranonet 31 January 2017 2858 Views No comments

In less than two weeks Venice will become the magical set of the Carnival.

Murano Glass Nativity

By Admin Muranonet 21 December 2016 7453 Views No comments

18 Murano glass masters have created glass cribs to celebrate Christmas.

A day at the Murano Glass museum

By admin 29 May 2015 4227 Views No comments

What's the history of Murano glass?

Murano glass charms thousands of people around the world. But what is its history? What are its origins? We have visited the renewed Glass Museum in Murano for you.

In Glass We Trust

By admin 27 April 2015 5778 Views No comments

e have recently met again Igor Balbi and had a few words with the maestro about his new project: a contemporary art glass exhibition. Here's what we have learned.

MuranoNet on TK Magazine

By admin 24 April 2015 2759 Views No comments

e are so proud to have collaborated with the gorgeous TK - Tasting Kitchen magazine based in Hong Kong!

Bruno Bischofberger's Art Collection

By admin 17 April 2015 3056 Views No comments

Finnish vases are the passion of great art dealer Bruno Bischofberger who’s showcasing his rich collection from this April in Venice.

Murano in space

By admin 18 March 2015 1631 Views No comments

As you probably know, the Italian astronaut Captain Samantha Cristoforetti is participating in a mission on the International Space Station. On 28th January she took a wonderful photo of Venice and its lagoon as seen from space. This image - famous all over the world - moved all us Venetians.