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Pauly & Co.

By admin 31 July 2021 244400 Views 2 comments

We often get contacted for news of this glorious ateler.

Unfortunately the company after being renamed Miva Srl went bankrupt on 26 April 2016.
Since its foundation (1866), Pauly & C. has stood for elegance, creativity and Venetian luxury.

Occhiali (eyewear) - the true story

By Admin Muranonet 26 June 2021 158 Views No comments

It is almost certain that the first sunglasses were made in Murano.
The first lenses in history date back to 1100.

Kyohei Fujita

By Admin Muranonet 17 June 2021 102 Views No comments

Kyohei Fujita (藤田 喬 平 Fujita Kyōhei, 1921 - September 18, 2004) was a Japanese glass artist.
The name Koyhei Fujita is synonymous with "Liuli box" - and not just a box.


By Admin Muranonet 28 May 2021 53 Views No comments

Trade name (proprietary trademark) of a type of borosilicate line with a very low cubic expansion coefficient and therefore resistant to thermal shock: it is used for industrial and laboratory equipment and for kitchenware.

Make sure it's authentic Murano Glass

By admin 16 February 2021 106557 Views 4 comments

"How do I recognise authentic Murano Glass?".

"Is this authentic Murano Glass?".

We often get asked those questions and have already dealt with this subject in the article «A Guide to original Murano Glass» or even in our FAQs page.

Murano vs Chinese glass - the true story

By Admin Muranonet 5 February 2021 2707 Views No comments

Today we are led to think that Chinese glass production is limited to approximate copies of Occidental art glass.
The truth is that artistic glass has been worked in China long before Western influences arrived.

Venini & C.

By admin 1 February 2021 89416 Views No comments

The firm started in 1925 after the split from the Cappellin-Venini & Co. Company: the art director was Napoleone Martinuzzi. At first he followed the lines of Vittorio Zecchin, but he soon departed from these themes and developed an original style of his own, closely linked with his experience as a 20th century's sculpture that would, however, lead him to be increasingly famous in the field of glassmaking.

Martin Bradley

By Admin Muranonet 21 November 2020 756 Views No comments

Martin Bradley was born in 1931 in Richmond, Surrey in England.
Since childhood he has shown great interest in art. Bradley drops out of school and, at the age of fourteen, embarks as a cabin boy where he begins painting portraits of his companions aboard the ship.

Martin Blank

By Admin Muranonet 18 September 2020 789 Views No comments

August 29, 1962 -Sharon, Massachusetts, Stati Uniti
American glass artist. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1984 with a BFA with a major in glass.

Sylvain Larrière

By Admin Muranonet 17 September 2020 397 Views No comments

Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France, 1962
One constant feature of Sylvain Larrière’s sculpture is that they open, thus developing another dimension in space and unveiling a universe until now hidden from the eyes.