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Cristiano Balbi

Cristiano Balbi
By admin 31 October 2019 11289 Views No comments

Cristiano Balbi was born in Murano in 1956. Following his father's footsteps, he has entered the world of glass making when

he was only 9 as helper in the furnace owned by his family. Gradually he started to cover all the stages according to the ancient Murano glassmaking traditions: ragazzo, serventino, servente and then master.

He spent twelve years there, acquiring great and precious experience in all stages of glass processing.

At the age of 21, once glass master, he left his father's furnace and began to collaborate with the most qualified furnaces of Murano such as Barovier & Toso, Mazzucato, Bisazza, Ars.

In 1982 he opened his own atelier and immediately he proved to be one of the most innovative and skillful artists in the a lume technique in which he applies his vast acquired knowledge, setting new milestones.

.Cristiano Balbi

His works are shown in various museums and exhibitions around the world, he has collaborated with various contemporary artists such as Dalisi and Robert Wilson, for Eco Italia he created reproductions of Phoenician and Celtic glassworks then exhibited in Palazzo Grassi Museum in Venice.

Always engaged to make the a lume technique known, he has taken part to shows and exhibitions all over the world, bringing the demonstration of his work even on television shows. For years he has played an important role as director of the artisans association of Venice. See his gorgeous products click here.


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