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De Majo

De Majo
By Admin Muranonet 3 June 2021 94 Views No comments

DE MAJO - D.M. Luce s.r.l.
Giuliano De Mayo founds the DE MAYO glassworks immediately after World War II.

He moved from Naples to the Venetian lagoon, and in 1947 he began his activity in the first furnace in Murano.
In a short time he fully understands the spirit of those years of formal rebirth and renewed productive ferment.
The company soon made a name for itself in the lighting field, despite the small size of its beginnings, thanks to a careful strategy that involved making use of high-level collaborations, including Carlo Nason, Yohici Ohira and other
The attention to the quality of its production, and the desire to bring innovative design solutions have allowed the De Majo glassworks to reach our days despite the numerous periods of crisis that have hit the island of Murano.
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