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Fabiano Zanchi

Fabiano Zanchi
By Admin Muranonet 20 July 2021 15 Views No comments

Born in Venice in 1983 and at the age of 18 he became a master of Murano glass, probably the youngest glass master in history.
Fabiano is a fourth generation Muraneise glassmaker, even so young, he can count the execution of very prestigious chandeliers.

He made a "Rezzonico" chandelier 18 meters high, the tallest we have known to date.
Another majestic work is the 6 meter high chandelier made up of about 5000 pieces, for the luxurious "Middle House Hotel" in Shanghai.
Today Fabiano collaborates with Grant Garmezy on the "the maestros" project with an exhibition in Murano in Via Bressagio.