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Francesco Ragazzi

Francesco Ragazzi
By Admin Muranonet 19 July 2020 687 Views No comments

Born in Murano in 1965 from a historic family of glassmakers.
In 1981 he began his apprenticeship at the Ferro & Lazzarini glassworks.

Over time he collaborates with several excellences of master glassmakers such as: Alberto Striulli, Gino Salmistrari, Giuliano Tosi, Oscar Zanetti, Reno Bardella and Gianni Signoretto.
Thanks to an innate sensitivity for glass and excellent manual skills, he soon became a master and managed his piazza, putting into production personalized objects characterized by bright colors and above all the technique of sommerso glass.
Today he lends his art to Eugenio Ferro & C. where he has the freedom to experiment with new shapes and techniques.
Francesco is a multifaceted master, capable of realizing from the figurative to the abstract. Worthy of note are his marine creatures made in medium-small dimensions, but very accurate in details, colors and surface finishes,
He represents an exception given the current crisis in the preparation of new masters.

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