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Gabriella Nanni

Gabriella Nanni
By admin 30 July 2021 25325 Views No comments

You already know Gabriella Nanni for her jewels with Murano glass containing gold and platinum leaves that create incredible light effects. It has been a huge success thanks to their personality and quality.


The jewellery Gabriella Nanni has designed with passion in her thirty-year career has always had a strong personality and originality.

Disegni di luce_3

"I have always thought that making something which could create a link of communication between myself and the people was very important in my life. Cookery contains the culture of its inhabitants and gives life to endless creativity: I love it as it does have a great power. It is a language without barriers. But I could not invite everybody to dinner! Also playing gigs allows you to express yourself and you feel so close to thousands of people with an amazing exchange of emotions. I would have loved it, but unfortunately I cannot sing or play any instrument. Designing jewelry is now the most successful means of communication for me and I can really say that it works and makes me happy. There is a direct line of understanding between us and our Customers who give me my true source of inspiration with their comments".

LA ec doppio vetro-2

After searching for inspiration in simple materials matched with precious metals and then carrying it out with a preference for chromatic and tactile effects rather that a classical harmony, her creativity communicates distinctiveness and an original idea of beauty: in her atelier in Florence, not far from the Ponte Vecchio, she designs simple jewels of great effect that imprison mysterious lights and fascinating colours.

We never followed the so-called trends - says Gabriella Nanni - because we aspire to the recognizability that comes from diversity. Our strategy relies on three firm grounds: quality, tradition and Italian craftsmanship". In fact there's a big difference between standardized production with no soul or design and products that are creative, colorful and made by hand to a precise idea. That's why each jewel is one of a kind, unique and handmade in Italy using only high quality Murano glass, pearls, shells, corals and silver. MuranoNet is now proud to present the new Storie di Mare (Sea Stories) collection, always available without shipping costs.


It consists of unique pieces inspired by whatever comes from the sea: shapes, colours, suggestions and materials. Pearls, shells, coral, pebbles smoothed by the sea which become an integral part of the jewel itself.

The metal used is natural 925 silver, hand-brushed without galvanic baths processes, whereas the stones and pebbles are natural, smoothed by the waves on Etruscan beaches, Southern Italy and 5 Terre (Liguria).

Cleaning tip: never use liquids but only cleaning cloths suitable for silver. Liquids could damage pearls and corals.

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