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Gambaro & Poggi

Gambaro & Poggi
By Admin Muranonet 19 January 2020 2189 Views No comments

Mario Gambaro's family has always been linked to the artistic production of glass and the manufacture of glass by hand. Mario's father-in-law Eduino Ferro had been a master at Pauly for many years and took part in the Chicago Universal Exposition in 1934.

A year later Eduino created the Ferro Eduino & Co. glass factory, which unfortunately closed due to his untimely death.
In 1974 Mario founded the Gambaro & Poggi Glass Factory, with his brother-in-law Bruno Poggi, already a master in the Archimede Seguso factory. After almost 40 years from its foundation, Mario is still the most important reference of the company thanks to all his intuitions, the excellent and refined taste, his willingness to engage in new experiments and challenges.
Almost every single product range was created by him or through his collaboration with artists and designers from all over the world, who appreciated his ability to accurately create the works they designed.
Many young and qualified masters have grown and learned from his teachings.