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Giuseppe Barovier

Giuseppe Barovier
By admin 20 February 2013 45505 Views No comments

Born in Murano in 1853 where he died in 1942. His career started with Antonio Salviati, his friend during the studying period. Still very young, he joined the C.V.M. Compagnia Venezia Murano, and when Antonio left, Giuseppe folowed him together with his uncle and his brothers, becoming owner of Salviati & Co., that in 1896 has its name changed in Artisti Barovier.

In 1919 he gets associated with Vetreria Artistica Barovier & Co. His objects are sometimes signed with a murrina with the initials "AB" surmounted by a crown or "FMF 1914". He retired in the second half of the 20s.
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